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New Local Rules: 21st judicial district of Tennessee

effective September 1, 2017

New Local Rules for the 21st Judicial District of Tennessee take effect as of September 1, 2017 and are available HERE via the Williamson County Chancery Court's website.

Following is a summary of the major changes implemented by the new Local Rules:

Section 5.03(b) requires motions for summary judgment to only be set using the order form in Appendix A and submitted for the Judge’s assistant to assign a date. That form can also be found on the Clerk and Master's Williamson County Chancery Court website in the Forms section.

Section 9.04 establishes the Complex Commercial Dispute Docket.

Section 9.05 establishes a new procedure for petitions/motions/requests for criminal contempt. Please prepare the new “Initial Appearance Order” as set forth in Appendix D to be filed with your pleading, with the date blank. You can find that form on the Williamson County Chancery Court website in the Civil Forms section, as well.

Section 12.02(b) – Contested Pendente Lite Motions/Hearings - has been completely replaced.

Deputy clerks often receive questions regarding the following rule already in effect:

Rule 5.03 says that a motion must be filed with the clerk 14 days prior to hearing date. The Clerk and Master's office will docket the motion if so received. If you feel that other provisions regarding personal delivery pursuant to 5.03 (a) and (f) have not been complied with, that would be an issue to take up with the judge at the hearing rather than with the Clerk and Master's office. If a motion is not initially set upon filing, the Notice of Hearing must comply with the 14 day rule for docketing.

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